Hebrews 10 Study Sheet

The following is a simple study sheet that contains a brief outline of the chapter and a few questions that focus on the text. One of the first and most important parts of good Bible study is observation. What does the text say? Until we know what the text says, it is fruitless to try to discover what it means and how it applies. Most of the questions are designed to do little more than help the reader observe the text. There may be an occasional question that asks for deeper meaning or application.


I. Two Sacrifices Contrasted (10:1-10)

A. The sacrifice of animals (1-4).

B. The sacrifice of Jesus (5-10).

II. Two Priesthoods Contrasted (10:11-18)

A. Levitical priests (11)

B. Jesus (12-18)

III. So What? (10:19-25)

A. Let us draw near (22)

B. Let us hold fast (23)

C. Let us consider each other (24-25)

IV. The Danger of Apostasy (10:26-31)

A. Expectation of judgment (26-27, 30-31)

B. Better covenant, more severe punishment (28-29)

V. Encouragement to be Faithful (10:32-39)

A. Remember prior faithfulness (32-34)

B. Hang in there (35-39)


  1. Could animal sacrifices on their own ever take away sin (10:1-4, 11)?
  2. The quotation of 10:5-7 is taken from what Old Testament text?
  3. According to 10:9, what did Jesus come to earth to do?
  4. By which covenant are we sanctified (10:10)?
  5. For how long is Jesus’ “one time” offering effective (10:14)?
  6. What gives us confidence to approach God (10:19)?
  7. How should we draw near to God (10:22)?
  8. How are we to stimulate each other to love and good works (10:24-25)?
  9. What does the continual willful sinner have to look forward to (10:26-27)?
  10. How did the writer describe “the former days” of the recipients (10:32-34)?
  11. What did the recipients need (10:36)?
  12. What does genuine faith result in (10:39)?


A major transition takes place in 10:19 from the doctrinal section to the practical section of the book. The major focus from that point forward will be on how the superiority of Jesus and the New Testament should affect the way a Christian lives. This is a vital part of the book, the “so what” section. The recipients of this letter were stumbling under the weight of trials. This section will bring the message home and encourage them to hang on tightly to Jesus, for if they let go of him, there is nothing else to grasp.