A Quick List: “Rest” in Hebrews 4

A “Quick List” is exactly what you might think: a simple list of facts taken from a passage of Scripture. These will not contain long explanations, only unadorned observations.

The word “rest” appears ten times in the NASB95 in the first eleven verses of Hebrews 4. Here is a quick list of what we learn about that rest.

  • It is God’s rest (4:1, 3, 5, 10). He began it after the creation week (4:3-4). It involved the cessation of his creative work (4:10).
  • It is for believers (4:3).
  • It is for God’s people (4:9).
  • It involves the cessation of our work (4:10).
  • It is not for the faithless (4:2) or disobedient (4:11).
  • It is not the land of Canaan (4:8).
  • It is a future blessing (4:1, 6, 9, 11).
  • It is possible to fall short of it (4:1, 11).