Hebrews 6 Study Sheet

The following is a simple study sheet that contains a brief outline of the chapter and a few questions that focus on the text. One of the first and most important parts of good Bible study is observation. What does the text say? Until we know what the text says, it is fruitless to try to discover what it means and how it applies. Most of the questions are designed to do little more than help the reader observe the text. There may be an occasional question that asks for deeper meaning or application.


I. The Danger of Apostasy (6:1-8)

A. It is necessary to deepen our spiritual understanding (1-3).

B. Falling away places our souls in jeopardy (4-8).

II. Optimism for the Future (6:9-20)

A. There are reasons to be confident that Christians can remain faithful (9-10).

B. Encouragement to be faithful (11-12)

C. God’s promise to Abraham and the oath that undergirded it are two immutable things that support our hope for the future (13-20).


  1. What is the primary statement of encouragement in 6:1 (hint: “let us…”)?
  2. List the “elementary teaching” that the writer says we should move past (6:1-2).
  3. In 6:4-5, the writer lists five characteristics of those who could fall away. What are they?
  4. According to 6:6, is it possible for a person to pass a point of no return?
  5. What characteristic of God in 6:10 should encourage us to be faithful?
  6. What characteristics should we maintain all the way to the end (6:11)?
  7. What two characteristics will help us to inherit the promises (6:12)?
  8. How did God reinforce his promise to Abraham (6:13, 17)?
  9. What are the two “unchangeable things” that give us hope (6:18)?
  10. How does the writer describe our hope (6:19)?


One of the beauties of Bible study is how it reveals the nature of God. Right in the middle of a frightening warning about the possibility of apostasy, the writer reminds us of several of God’s qualities that should ease our fears. Among them are these:

  • God blesses those who bear good fruit (6:7).
  • We are God’s beloved (6:9).
  • God has confidence in us (6:9).
  • God will not forget our loving ministry to others (6:10).
  • God will keep his promises (6:18).

These are not only characteristics that deserve our gratitude, they are also tremendous motivations for us to maintain our loyalty and commitment to Jesus.