Hebrews 8 Study Sheet

The following is a simple study sheet that contains a brief outline of the chapter and a few questions that focus on the text. One of the first and most important parts of good Bible study is observation. What does the text say? Until we know what the text says, it is fruitless to try to discover what it means and how it applies. Most of the questions are designed to do little more than help the reader observe the text. There may be an occasional question that asks for deeper meaning or application.


I. New Priest, New Law (8:1-7)

A. The new priest (1-3).

B. The new law (4-7).

II. Prophecy Fulfilled (8:8-13)

A. Jeremiah predicted the coming of the new covenant (8-12).

B. When the prophecy was made, the Mosaic covenant became “old” (13)


  1. What is the main point that the writer had been emphasizing (8:1)?
  2. Where is our High Priest (8:1)?
  3. What is the primary responsibility of a High Priest (8:3)?
  4. Could Jesus have been a priest on earth under the Levitical system (8:4; 7:14)?
  5. How does Christ’s ministry to compare to that of the Levitical priests (8:6)?
  6. How does the new covenant compare to the old (8:6)?
  7. Why was the new covenant given (8:7)?
  8. Hebrews 8:8-12 is a quotation of what Old Testament passage?
  9. What did the announcement of a coming “new” covenant make the Law of Moses (8:13)?
  10. What are “old” things destined to do (8:13)?


It is not often that a writer of one of the New Testament documents identifies his main point for you. The Hebrews writer does that for us in 8:1. His main point is to emphasize that we Christians are not without representation before God. We have a High Priest and he is seated at the right hand of God in heaven. He offered himself as our sacrifice, serves in a better ministry than the Levitical priests, and has mediated a better covenant based on better promises (8:6-7). And all of that is in harmony with what God had said since the days of Jeremiah (8:8-12). We are blessed indeed to have God’s own Son as our representative in heaven!

One thought on “Hebrews 8 Study Sheet

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